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Ответы на тест по английскому 8 класс – Ответы на Test Booklet Spotlight 8 класс Эванс Дули Ваулина

Тесты по Английскому языку для 8 класса

Тесты по «Английскому языку» для 8 класса

Словарная работа

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 28.1.2019

Choose the right answer.

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 15.1.2019

Choose the correct variant

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 25.12.2017

Задания теста к фрагменту урока по УМК О.В.Афанасьевой по теме Education (Hogwarts: the lesson of Herbology)

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 22.11.2017

Тест на проверку знания типов вопросов в английском языке.

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 30.4.2017

Выберите правильный вариант ответа:

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 6.4.2017

Choose an appropriate tag to get to know more information about your new foreign friend

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 22.2.2017

здесь собраны тсеты по курсу английского языка за 8кл. автор Кузовлев В.П.

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 1.2.2017

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 17.9.2016

Complete the sentences with the correct question tags

Английский язык 8 класс  |  Дата: 30.4.2016

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Английский язык 8 класс | онлайн тест для учащихся.

Английский язык 8 класс

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Тест по английскому языку для 8 класса, ФГОС

Всероссийский конкурс на лучшую методическую разработку «Проверочная работа по английскому языку»

Тест для 8 класса к учебнику К.И.Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман «Счастливый английский.ру» к 6 юниту, который называется “When you make a new friend, ask him, “ What do you read?”. Тест проверяет как усвоена лексика и грамматика.

1. Choose the correct answers.

1. I’m keen on books. I read ________at school ________ at home.

a) either…. or b) both…and c) neither… nor d) both ….. or

2. I haven’t got a lot of books at home. So I borrow books from the ________ .

a) shop b) museum c) library d) bank

3. I choose books by______ .It’s a summary of the plot of the book.

a) genre b) pictures c) the title d) the blurb

4. I like to read about criminals, robbers and killers. I’m interested in _____ .

a) detective story b) fantasy c) fairy tale d) history book

5. My favourite _____ is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

a) book b) author c) genre d) character

6. It’s worth reading. It’s my ______ .

a) glass of milk b) cup of coffee c) cup of tea d) bottle of lemonade

7. I read _____ biography ____ autobiography. It’s boring.

a) either…. or b) both…and c) neither… nor d) both ….. or

8. Romances bored me to ____ .

a) love b) death c) health d) interest

9. Sometimes I read ____ because the plot of the books is scaring, but thrilling.

a) romance b) horror story c) fairy tale d) biography

10. The main _____ are vampires, witches, ghosts.

a) members b) problems c) ideas d) characters

2. Choose the correct translation of the underlined words.


1. Mobile phones are used by millions of people.

a) использовали b) используют c) будут использовать

2. A lot of houses were built last year.

a) строят d) построили c) построят

3. The present will be bought in a day.

a) купят b) купили c) покупают

4. Masha was given a computer last week.

a) Маша подарила b) Маше подарят c) Маше подарили

5. I will be shown a new film tomorrow.

a) меня покажут b) мне покажут c) я покажу

3. Fill in the gaps. Choose the correct variant.

1. The doctor _________ in a minute.

a) will be sent for b) is sent for c) send d) was sent

2. The letter ___________ tomorrow.

a) is waiting b) wait for c) will be waited for d) will be waited

3. The radio ________ every day.

a) listen b) is listened to c) will be listen d) is listened for

4. The flat _______ already.

a) clean b) cleaned c) will be cleaned d) has been cleaned

5. The boy _________ two days ago.

a) was laughed b) laughed c) was laughed at d) will be laughed


1 задание

1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a, 5-b, 6-c, 7-c, 8-b, 9-b, 10-d

2 задание

1-b, 2-d,3-a, 4-c, 5-b

3 задание

1-a, 2-c, 3-b, 4-d, 5-c


Spotlight 8 Test 4 (Module 4) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Test 4 (Module 4) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Test 4 (Module 4) + KEY to test

 — цитаты Теста № 4 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение, 2016.



    A Circle the odd word out.
 1 trendy / fashionable / modern / linen
2 plain / baggy / striped / floral
3 stockings / basket / cloak / trousers
4 velvet / silk / wool / casual
5 slim / overweight / straight / thin
6 scruffy / sporty / checked / elegant

    В Underline the correct item.
 7 Mark gave Sue a great original/genuine silk scarf for her birthday.
8 Cynthia’s shirt fits/

goes really well with her trousers.
9 Little Suzie thinks that her granddad’s big curly/bushy eyebrows look really funny!
10 Helen wanted to rent/borrow my black dress to wear to a party.
11 Why don’t you wear your red shirt tonight? It really matches/suits you.
12 Tim has grown/increased much taller, and his clothes don’t fit him anymore.
13 Now that spring is here, we can put our heavy winter clothes off/away.
14 Alex has lost/missed a lot of weight since he started exercising.
15 Dad put his foot/hand down and wouldn’t let us go to the match.
16 This ring isn’t made of real gold; it’s priceless/worthless.


   C Complete the sentences using the appropriate adjective from the list below and tool enough, as in the example.

 • pretty • skinny • classy • shy • troubled
17 Lisa should put on a little weight; she’s too skinny.
18 Chris thinks that jeans aren’t classy enough to wear to a wedding.
19 There are many teens who are too troubled about their body image.
20 Olga believes that she isn’t pretty enough to be a fashion model.
21 Don’t expect Angela to come and talk to you first; she’s too shy around new people.

    D Fill in the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets.
22 Can you wait a few minutes? Your dress is being shortened (shorten) right now.
23 John was asked (ask) to star in a Broadway show last year.
24 Do you think that people

are affected (affect) by all these adverts they see on TV?
25 Tickets for The Phantom of the Opera must be booked (book) weeks earlier.
26 The theme of next month’s fashion show hasn’t been decided (not/decide) yet.
27 Some fashion designers believe that all clothes will be made (make) with organic fabrics in the future.

    E Write two passive sentences for each of the sentences below, as in the example.
28 Anna offered Natalie some good advice.
a) Some good advice was offered to Natalie by Anna.
b) Natalie was offered some good advice by Anna.
29 They are sending you the email.
a) The email is being sent to you as we speak,
b) You are being sent the email as we speak.
30 Someone brings her the newspaper every morning.
a) The newspaper is brought to her every morning.

b) She is brought the newspaper every morning.

    F Rewrite the sentences in the causative form.
31 Sonya asked a famous designer to make her wedding dress.
Sonya had her wedding dress made by a famous designer.
32 The dentist whitens George’s teeth twice a year.
George has his teeth whitened twice a year (by the dentist).
33 The photographer has developed our holiday photos.
We have had our holiday photos developed (by the photographer).
34 A professional make-up artist did my sister’s make-up.
My sister had her make-up done (by a professional make-up artist).
35 Mum is cleaning my skirt for me.
I’m having my skirt cleaned (by Mum).

 Everyday English

    G Complete the exchanges using the phrases below. There is one extra phrase.
 36 A: Why don’t you wear your nice cotton trousers?
B: (С) I can’t. They don’t fit me anymore.
37 A: How do I look in this yellow shirt?
B: (В) Excellent! It really suits you!
 38 A: I suggest you wear your blue suit to the party.
B: (D) I haven’t worn that for ages, but, why not?
 39 A: What do you think of these jeans?
B: (F) They’re a bit too big.
 40 A: Do you think this jumper is too big?
B: (A) Yes. You need a smaller size.


    H Match the headings (A to F) to the paragraphs (41 to 45). There is one extra heading.
People have always had the need to set their own fashion trends, and there is no better witness to this fact than the Fashion Museum in Bath, England. With a display of original outfits dating from the 1700s to modern day, fashion enthusiasts will be thrilled to see not only authentic gowns worn by English kings and queens, but also some of the dresses made famous by the legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.
A long time ago, clothes were simply a way of covering our bodies. Of course, there have always been preferences in one style or another, but fashion rarely used to define who we are. Today, things are different. Our clothes make a statement about our personality and our lifestyle. Teens, especially, associate the way they dress with the image they want to show others. It’s not really about being fashionable anymore; it’s rather about showing our identity through our choice of outfit.
William Ivey Long is one of the greatest costumes designers of our time. His extraordinary work in Hairspray, Chicago and other Broadway and off-Broadway plays has won him five Tony awards and twice as many nominations. His costumes are clever, original and a perfect expression of the character they are created for. The highlight in Long’s career was in 2006, when he was admitted to the Theatre Hall of Fame.
With more and more people turning their attention to our planet’s growing problems, it’s no wonder that the fashion industry is also doing so. Eco-safe materials, organic colouring substances and even clothes made from recycled materials are now easier to find and are becoming more and more popular with today’s shoppers.
The next time you feel frustrated because you don’t have Nicole Kidman’s porcelain skin, Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful hair or David Beckham’s muscular body, have a look through some gossip magazines. It might make you feel better to see pictures of your favourite Hollywood icons without their make-up on. Take a closer look at a star’s picture that hasn’t been retouched, and you’ll discover that many of them are ordinary-looking people, just like you and me!


   I Listen to the conversation between Jane and her brother, Jake, and mark the statements (46 to 50) as A (True), В (False) or C (Not stated).
46 Mark wants to buy his mother something really expensive for her birthday.
A True В False C Not stated
47 Jane and Mark’s mother doesn’t like carrying handkerchiefs.
A True В False C Not stated
48 Jane and Mark’s mother has too many skirts.
A True В False C Not stated
49 Jane thinks that their father should pay for their mother’s present.
A True В False C Not stated
50 Mark and Jane know what type of bag their mother would like.
A True В False C Not stated


Вы смотрели: Spotlight 8 Test 4 (Module 4) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 4 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др. Вернуться на страницу «Английский язык 8 класс».


Spotlight 8 Test 1 (Module 1) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Test 1 (Module 1) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Test 1 (Module 1) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 1 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение, 2016.


A) Fill in the missing word/phrase. There are two answers you do not need to use.

1 Tim was …………….. his foot nervously while he was waiting for his test results. (• tapping)

2 Jane is a pretty girl with blue eyes and a(n) ……………….build. (• slim)

3 Don’t worry, Greg will be here on time; he’s very…………….. (• reliable)

4 When Mel told his …………….. that he was leaving the company, they decided to buy him a going-away present. (• colleagues)

5 I don’t think Claire is going camping this weekend; she still hasn’t …………. her cold. (• got over)

6 When we complained to the waiter about the noisy people at the next table, he just …………… his shoulders and said he couldn’t do anything about them. (• shrugged)

7 Nadia is so……………! She never listens to anyone, and does whatever she wants. (• stubborn)

8 I only met Mike two weeks ago at a party. We’re not really friends, we’re just………….. (• acquaintances)

B) Fill in the missing word. There are three answers you do not need to use.

9 Cindy is a very cheerful person who always looks on the…………………side of life. (• bright)

10 We always enjoy ourselves when we go to Tom’s parties; he’s an excellent……………. (• host)

11 Felicia is very …………… of dogs, and she’s been asking her parents to get her one for ages. (• fond)

12 When I told Alan the good news, he gave me a big……………..and a kiss on the cheek. (• hug)

13 You don’t need to argue. I’m sure there’s a calmer way for you to ……………….. your differences. (• resolve)

14 The film we went to see last night was so ……………. that I almost fell asleep at the cinema. (• dull)

15 Be absolutely sure that it was actually George who told the lies, before you…………….. him. (• accuse)


C) Underline the correct item.

16 The concert is starting/starts at 9:00. Do you want to go to dinner before that?

17 Have you met/Have you been meeting our new neighbours yet? They seem really nice.

18 We are going/will go to the cinema tomorrow night. Why don’t you join us?

19 I promise I am helping/will help you with your homework as soon as I can.

20 Nicole and her husband stay/are staying in a nice hotel in the centre of the town.

21 Watch where you’re going! You are falling/are going to fall into that hole!

22 Do you know where Sam is? I have waited/ have been waiting for him for over an hour and I’m starting to lose my patience.

23 There’s someone at the door. I go/will go and see who it is.

24 Jane works/has worked at her dad’s restaurant every Friday night.

25 Emma is always interrupting/has always interrupted me whenever I tell a story. It’s so annoying!

D) Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.

26 I ……………..(not/meet) Claudia and Jason for coffee yesterday, because I was too busy. (didn’t meet)

27 Chris didn’t hear the phone ring because he ……………….. (listen) to music very loudly. (was listening)

28 What time …………….. (you/take) the dog for a walk this morning? (did you take)

29 My parents …………………… (rarely/leave) us home alone when we were young. (rarely left)

30 Sandra ……………… (water) the flowers while Ian was cleaning out the garage. (was watering)

E) Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form.

31 Mr Adams is ……………. (patient) teacher I have ever had. (the most patient)

32 According to an English saying, the ………. (old) we grow, the wiser we become. (older)

33 Don’t you think that Nathan needs to be a bit ……………. (sensitive) to other people’s feelings? (more sensitive)

34 Ron was very rude to Mary. I think that ……….. (little) he could do is apologise to her. (the least)

35 My younger sister is ……………. (sociable) person in our family. (the most sociable)

Spotlight 8 Test 1

Everyday English

 F Choose the correct response.

36 Can I offer you something? E No thanks, I’m fine.

37 Excuse me! C Yes, can I help you?

38 Talk to you later. В Take care.

39 Гm glad you came. A) So am I.

40 How’s it going? D Fine, thanks.


 G Read the following text and mark the statements as T (true), F (false) or DS (doesn’t say).

41 You should never talk when entering the class. …… F

42 If you are late, you need to bring a note from your parents. …… DS

43 You should never talk in the classroom. …… F

44 It’s OK to tell a joke in the classroom. …… T

45 You should feel free to make any suggestions related to school matters to your teacher. ……. T


 H Listen to some teenagers talking on a radio programme about their friends. Then, match the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-F). There is one extra statement.

46 Speaker 1 F) The speaker thinks he/she is lucky to have such good friends.

47 Speaker 2 C) The speaker spends all his/her free time with his/her friend.

48 Speaker 3 D) The speaker thinks of his/her friend as part of the family.

49 Speaker 4 B) The speaker and his/her friends share the same pastime.

50 Speaker 5 A) The speaker sees his/her friends every day.


Вы смотрели: Spotlight 8 Test 1 (Module 1) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 1 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др. Вернуться на страницу «Английский язык 6-9 классы».


Spotlight 8 Test 3 (Module 3) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Test 3 (Module 3) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Test 3 (Module 3) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 3 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение, 2016.


 A Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.

1 invented    found out
a) When John …… found out……….. that a research company wanted to buy his gadget, he couldn’t believe it.
b) Mike …… invented………. the device, but it was his brother who put it on the market.

2 colleagues    employees
a) Professor Smith thanked his close ….. colleagues…….. for their support in his research.
b) The company’s business is growing, so it needs to hire more…. employees………..

3 salary    wage
a) The pizza delivery boy thought his …. wage……. was rather low for a full day’s work.
b) If Jane gets the promotion, it will add an extra four thousand pounds to her annual ……salary……..

4 Geography    Earth Science
a) Mary wants to travel to all those countries she studied in her …… Geography……… class.
b) Jason finds …. Earth Science……. fascinating, because he learns a lot of things about the formation and history of our planet.

5 raise    lift
a) Jake’s back hurts because he tried to …… lift…….. a very heavy box on his own.
b) You don’t have to ……. raise………. your voice. I can hear you very well!

6 toddler    infant
a) Of course Annie can’t talk yet; she’s just a four-month old ….. infant…….. !
b) Jamie is such a cute …… toddler…….. !  He’s just learning to walk and he keeps falling down all the time.

В Fill in the missing word. There are three words you do not need to use.

7 The missing explorers returned home safe and ….. • sound……… after a search team found their whereabouts in the desert.
8 After many years of scientific …… • research……., Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.
9 The Smiths …… • moved……… from the city to the countryside, so that their children could grow up in a healthier environment.
10 John had to …… • change………. schools when his family went to live at the other side of town.
11 Jane has worked ……. • overtime……. every day this week, as it is the busiest time of year in the advertising company.
12 George hated working in a bank and …… • came……. to the conclusion that a desk job wasn’t for him.
13 It is amazing how Linda has been able to ….. • bring up……… four children and work at the same time. I really admire her.
14 One of the things Tony loves about working as a …… • freelancer………. is that he doesn’t have to spend eight hours in an office every day.
15 Alex has a tough …… • deadline……… to meet, so he’s been working during the weekend. 


 C Put the verbs in brackets into the past perfect or the past perfect continuous.

16 A: Mum was really angry at me.
В: I know. She ……had been cleaning…….. (clean) the house all morning when you stepped in with those muddy shoes.

17 A: Did Sally help you with the dinner party last night?
B: No, we ……. had prepared………. (prepare) everything by the time she got home.

18 A: Why was Tracy so happy to see her uncle?
B: She …… hadn’t seen……….. (not/see) him for eight months.

19 A: Was Jenny upset that I called her so late?
B: No, she ….. hadn’t gone………. (not/go) to bed yet.

20 A: Lisa was exhausted yesterday.
В: I know. She …. had been studying……. (study) for a history exam all day.


 D Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple, past continuous, past perfect or past perfect continuous.

21 Peter …….. was talking……….. (talk) on the phone when I went to his office, so I didn’t want to interrupt him.
22 We didn’t see Jane at the party, because when we got there she …… had already gone………. (already/go) home.
23 When …… did James graduate…………. (James/graduate) from university?
24 John …….. had been trying…………. (try) to fix his computer for two hours before he decided to call a professional.
25 Sam ……. didn’t win……….. (not/win) the Young Inventor of the Year Award last year, but he’s sure he will this year.


 E Underline the correct item.

26 I believe Sam will have a brilliant career in/by law.

27 In/At the beginning of his career, Thomas Edison mostly invented telegraphic devices.

28 Mary was under/in charge of presenting our science project to the class yesterday.

29 Joe couldn’t believe it while/when he won first prize at the science show.

30 While/As soon as Mike sold his first invention, he started working on some ideas about a new one.

31 Abraham Lincoln began his political career at/in the young age of twenty-three.

32 The great scientist Alexander Fleming died by/of heart problems.

33 I don’t think Evelyn can work well under/in pressure; maybe someone else should do this project.

34 Before/When Leonardo Da Vinci had a bright idea, he wrote it down in his notebook.

35 Her husband’s new job brings around/in an extra 200 pounds a week.


Everyday English

 F Use the sentences (a-e) to complete the dialogue.

Pat: Guess what! I’ve got some great news.
Sue: 36) ……………………………….. d) Really? What happened?

Pat: My brother got a new job last week.
Sue: 37) ……………………………….. b) Wow! That’s fantastic.

Pat: Yes, he works for a company as a computer programmer.
Sue: 38) ……………………………….. e) What does his new job involve?

Pat: Well, he creates software for the company.
Sue: 39) ………………………………… c) How does he like his new job?

Pat: He loves it, but the pay isn’t really that good.
Sue: 40) …………………………………….. a) That’s too bad.

Is he disappointed?
Pat: No, he’s very optimistic that he’ll get a pay rise in the near future.
Sue: That’s great.



 G Read the following text and choose the correct answer (А, В, C or D).


 As a teenager, my brother Al used to invent little things as a pastime. After the gadget phase, he started making toy aeroplanes out of wood or plastic. His creations were quite impressive for someone so young. His room was always full of books about famous pilots and jet aeroplanes that he read again and again. His dream was to sell his model aeroplanes in his own shop one day, so he was determined to learn all about flying, and even designed all his models on a 3-D computer programme, before he built them.

 Neither of my parents opposed Al’s decision. They both believed that people should be keen on their jobs, but our father wanted him to get a university degree first. Our mother thought that a good education was necessary, especially because she had doubts about if he could earn a good living with his aeroplanes. On the other hand, she couldn’t see how becoming a lawyer or a doctor for example, would help Al with the job he wanted to do.

 When Al finished school, he finally decided to get a degree in architecture. During his studies, Al continued his hobby in his spare time, but also got involved in other things. He played football for a while, volunteered at the school’s library, and joined the drama club; though he soon decided that acting wasn’t for him.

 As soon as Al graduated, he and another dozen students took a tour of Europe. The highlight of Al’s trip was France. He even considered moving there for a short time to improve his skills in French, but he wanted to return home to prove to himself that he could succeed as a businessman. Three years later, Al accomplished his goal, and today, he is so successful, that he has five shops in our city and is planning to open more around the country. And, who knows, maybe one day his model airplanes will be famous around the world!

41 When Al was young, he wanted to be a(n)
A pilot C computer designer
 В shop owner D inventor

42 Al’s mother believed that
A it wasn’t important for Al to get a good education.
В a good education would help Al with his career.
 C Al might not earn enough money from the job he wanted to do.
 D Al would make a very good lawyer.

43 While Al was at university, he
 A continued to build model airplanes.
 В got a job as an architect.
C trained to be a professional actor.
D worked at the university library.

44 What did Al do soon after graduation? A He lived in France for a while.
В He opened up his own business.
 C He did some travelling.
 D He learned how to speak French.

45 Al wants to open A another shop.
 В shops in different cities.
 C shops in different countries
D five shops in his town.



 H Listen to some people talking about their jobs on a radio programme. Then, match the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-F). There is one extra statement.

46 Speaker 1 — D The speaker is thinking about doing a different job.

47 Speaker 2 — E The speaker turned his/her hobby into a career.

48 Speaker 3 — F The speaker finds it difficult to meet deadlines.

49 Speaker 4 — C The speaker’s job involves a lot of travelling.

50 Speaker 5 — В The speaker wants to become famous.


Вы смотрели: Spotlight 8 Test 3 (Module 3) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 3 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др. Вернуться на страницу «Английский язык 8 класс».


Spotlight 8 Entry Test (входной тест) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Entry Test (входной тест) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Entry Test (входной тест + ответы) — цитаты из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение, 2016.

Choose the correct item.

1 Hurry up! Our train ….. in half an hour!
A) left                   B) leaves             C) will leave

2 Can you be a little quiet, please? The baby
A) sleeps             B) is sleeping     C) will sleep

3 Susan doesn’t think books about pirate ships are very ………. She prefers romantic novels.
A) interested      B) interest           C) interesting

4 The Nelsons looked very surprised when they …. that their next-door neighbour was a famous writer.
A) hear  B) were hearing               C) heard

5 Mark…….. his tooth yesterday, when he fell off his bike.
A) twisted           B) sprained         C) chipped

6 That is the girl ……. father works in the armed forces with my dad.
A) who                B) that                 C) whose

7 Let’s go on a…….this year. I’d love to see wild animals in their natural habitat.
A) safari              B) jungle              C) ride

8 If Jim……to Spain on business next month, he will stay three extra days to visit the sights.
A) is going to travel         B) will travel      C) travels

9 Hugh Grant is a(n)……..actor.
A) young, excellent, English         B) excellent, young, English       C) English, excellent, young

10 Martha tells wonderful jokes. She is the…… girl in our class.
A) funny              B) funnier            C) funniest

11 My brother didn’t become a songwriter ……… he finished his music studies at university.
A) while               B) until C) then

12 Mary bought new skating gear ……..?
A) didn’t she      B) she didn’t       C) she did

13 Lin …… in her tree house, when her mum called her for lunch.
A) played             B) used to play                 C) was playing

14 I have a doctor’s appointment. Could you please look ….. the children while I’m out?
A) up                    B) after               C) for

15 We …….. chess all morning. Can we do something else now?
A) has played     B) have been playing     C) will play

16 Mary lives in Hollywood, but she…..a famous celebrity.
A) has never meet           B) never has met             C) has never met

17 Tom ……that the house down the street is haunted.
A) is believing    B) believes         C) believe

18 When you freeze water, it………into ice.
A) is turning        B) turns               C) is going to turn
19 I don’t really think there’ll be flying cars someday, but I guess anything is……
A) responsible                  B) typical             C) possible

20 Christopher goes to the university…..foot every day, as he enjoys the exercise.
A) by                     B) on                    C) with

21 Everyone at the wedding danced and sang, to celebrate the happy…….
A) occasion        B) incident          C) accident

22 If Teddy is sick, he should stay in bed and drink lots of…….
A) ice cream       B) chocolate      C) fluids

23 Julie always ….. her eyes when she gets sleepy in the evening.
A) rub                   B) rubs                 C) is rubbing

24 When Sue was young, she…….hide-and-seek with her friends. Now, she prefers playing board games.
A) was playing                  B) used to played            C) used to play

25 Mum exchanged the green slippers Liz gave her, because they didn’t …… her pink dressing gown.
A) fit                     B) match             C) suit

26 I’m thinking of buying a new car. The one I have is falling …..
A) down              B) out                   C) apart

27 Madonna’s new pop song is really ……. I’ve been singing the tune all day.
A) noisy               B) catchy            C) creepy

28 Joe …… to finish his homework before he goes to the cinema with his friends.
A) will                   B) has                  C) should

29 Cindy took us ……. for a lovely dinner to celebrate her new acting job.
A) out                  B) away                C) off

30 If Dan …. to go to the film festival with me, then I can go with Amy.
A) won’t want   B) doesn’t want              C isn’t wanting

31 There is …… of chocolate in the fridge. Maybe I’ll make a chocolate cake today.
A) some              B) a lot                C) a little

32 Mike’s risky decision to set up his own company at such a young age was quite…….I really admire him.
A) realistic          B) daring             C) determined

33 Timmy is always late for work, as he never wakes up when the alarm clock goes……….
A) off    B) on     C) out

34 Let’s take some sandwiches and a ……… of biscuits with us to the beach. We might get hungry after our swim.
A) packet            B) carton             C) can

35 Unless you…….me with the cooking, I won’t have dinner ready on time.
A) help                B) will help         C) don’t help

36 Dad…….the weather report last night, when Mum asked him to help her in the kitchen.
A) watched         B) has been watching     C) was watching

37 The roller coaster ride was the most spectacular …… at the theme park.
A) area                B) attraction      C) sight

38 Ted and Lisa are really looking…..to their trip to Legoland this summer.
A) for                   B) up                    C) forward

39 I’m afraid Mr Brown’s not in. He’s ……. to Moscow on business.
A) gone               B) went               C) been

40 Jenny loved the pet parrot her sister …… her for her birthday last month.
A) was giving     B) gave                C) has given

Spotlight 8 Entry Test

41 While she was ice-skating, Eva ……. on the icy surface and broke her leg.
A) splashed         B) slipped           C) swapped

42 If Mary is too busy to help Paul and Linda move house, they’ll do it……..
A) theirselfs        B) themselves   C) theirselves

43 This is the beach…….my brother works as a lifeguard.
A) where             B) which              C) who

44 As I was looking through some old photos, I came…….a picture of my grandfather in his
army uniform.
A) round              B) out                  C) across

45 Tom’s laptop……him to go online and do his work even when he’s not in the office.
A) succeeds        B) achieves         C) enables

46 Larry is a very good athlete. He runs ……. than anyone else on the school team.
A) more quickly              B) most quickly                C as quickly

47 Juan loves listening to English pop songs, even though he doesn’t understand all the ………
A) melodies        B) lyrics               C) scripts

48 If we don’t reduce air pollution, acid rain will continue to ……. the trees and plants we need for oxygen.
A) burn                B) emit                C) poison

49 …. Maria got to work yesterday, she checked all her emails.
A) As soon as    B) Just                 C) Until

50 If you simply sit around and do nothing all day, you’re going to fall …….with your schoolwork.
A) out                  B) apart               C) behind

51 It’s snowing today; wear a ……. jumper over your shirt.
A) woollen         B) leather            C) cotton

52 John could not see in the heavy fog, and lost control ……. his car. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt.
A) of                    B) from                C) with

53 Some birds, like turkeys or pheasants, build their ……. on the ground, and not in trees.
A) nests               B) cliffs                C) caves

54 I think surfing is very difficult, but Mike thinks it’s easy as…….
A) cake                B) beans              C) pie

55 Sue can’t play the accordion ……..?
A) cannot she    B) can she          C) she can’t

56 We love living in the city. Everything is so ….. at hand.
A) near                B) far                   C) close

57 We didn’t find any unusual art works at the exhibition. In fact, all the paintings were quite
A) unique            B) strange           C) ordinary

58 It’s late and I have to get up early tomorrow. I think I’ll turn…now.
A) into                 B) on                    C) in

59 If you study hard at school this year, you ….. high marks.
A) going to get  B) will get           C) are getting

60 Harrison Ford is probably best-known for his …… in Indiana Jones.
A) plot                 B) rating              C) role

61 The famous actress got angry during the interview, when the ……. started asking her personal questions.
A) journalist       B) engineer         C) mayor

62 While Jill was painting her room last week, she fell off the …… and sprained her wrist.
A) rake                B) hammer         C) ladder

63 Professor Johnson’s fun and loving ……. is what makes her popular with her students.
A) character       B) appearance   C) built

64 Susie can tell you where the restaurant is, as she has been there …….
A) yet                  B) before            C) just

65 Thomas doesn’t like romantic comedies. Thrillers are his cup of …….
A) milk                 B) tea                  C) broth

66 Johnny can’t swim as …… Mark, because he has hurt his back.
A) fast than        B) fast as            C) fast from

67 During our walk through the wildlife …….. we saw many interesting species of birds.
A) reserve           B) campus           C) atmosphere

68 If you’re thirsty, you may have a ….. of cola or a glass of juice.
A) jar     B) box   C) can

69 Alex and Cathy…..toffee apples all morning, and the kitchen is a mess.
A) has made       B) have been making    C) have made

70 My brother is an excellent science fiction writer. The stories he makes…..are very imaginative.
A) up     B) out    C) in

71 Tom has been feeling ……… all day today. Maybe he’s coming down with the flu.
A) cheerful          B) miserable      C) refreshed

72 Henry…….in his father’s toy store since he was 17 years old, and he’s very happy there.
A) worked           B) has worked   C) was working

73 Tom and his family feel very ……… in the countryside, as the nearest house to them is 40 kilometres away.
A) homesick       B) isolated          C) crowded

74 Georgia got her driving licence ……. than her brother Phillip.
A) earlier             B) more early     C) earliest

75 We haven’t got …….. sugar. Would you like honey in your tea?
A) some               B) many               C) any

76 Mike still lives with his parents ……. he?
A) hasn’t             B) isn’t                 C) doesn’t

77 Storytelling on cold winter nights has been a(n)……in my family for over 40 years.
A) location          B) tradition        C) investigation

78 I don’t know …… operates the non-profit organisation, but you can go online and find out their name.
A) who                B) which              C) what

79 Julie wore a different costume for every …… in our school play.
A) spot                B) score               C) scene

80 Jane has been trying to find her lost cat ….. Monday.
A) for    B) on     C) since


Вы смотрели: Spotlight 8 Entry Test (входной тест + ответы) — цитаты из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др. Вернуться на страницу «Английский язык 6-9 классы».


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